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CITY of Stirling has backed away from a decision to introduce 14 on-street parking bays on Main Street in Osborne Park.

Several options for easing parking issues along Main Street have been investigated including paid parking, a 40km/h zone and on-street parking from Cape Street to Federal Street, but no decisions have been made.

The council report recommended council not proceed with the plan because of cost and impact on the streetscape.

The move would have meant removing $123,500 worth of mature trees and cost the City $35,000.

The council report said on-street parking along Main Street was “practically non-existent”.

“The primary reason is that there are hundreds of parking bays already provided within the Plaza service roads that run parallel to Main Street and motorists generally feel safer entering and exiting these as they are within a low speed environment,” the report said.

“Any shortfall in demand would be better satisfied investigating the possibility of on-street parking on the side roads off Main Street, including Federal Street, Lawley Street and Cape Street.” 

Source: Stirling Time - Kate Leaver - May 11th, 2016