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Taken from REIWA Member News 

[REIWA's] advocacy work has seen progress on the issue of early commission payments for off-the-plan sales transactions. 

In May 2015, [REIWA] lodged a submission with the Department of Commerce proposing changes to the REBA Act to allow early payment of commissions for these transactions. 

[REIWA] are pleased to advise [they] have made significant progress. 

The Acting Commissioner has informed [REIWA] that he agrees with the submission’s proposal. He is now in the process of seeking approval to draft a Bill to make the required amendments to allow early payment of commissions under the REBA Act. 

[REIWA stress not to] change your business practices. This is a work in progress and [they] will keep [us] updated as to when the Bill may be presented to Parliament and the timing for any changes to the Act. 

Source: - 16 June 2015

Saraceni Real Estate would like to thank REIWA for their great work.