Strong Password - Try Three Random Words.

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The National Cyber Security Centre in the UK posted a blog reminding people that using three random words as your password is an alternative to complex random characters.

This is an awesome suggestion as your password will be easier to recall and still random!

You can start or end each word with a capital letter and replace some letters with numbers or special characters to meet some sites requirements. Or add special characters at the beginning, in between or at the end your words.

You may decide to replace the letter 'o' with a zero (0), the letter 's' with a 5, the letter 't' with a 7, or the letter 'i' with an exclamation mark (!).

Examples, Thr33Rand0mW0rd5, Three*Rand0m*Word5,  threE-rand0M-word5, etc.

Perhaps you can use your random words to log into your password manager, as some sites provide you with a password that you cannot change.  You can also use more than three random words.

So now creating and remembering passwords will be fun!

Source: The logic behind three random words - NCSC.